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Build a better Future on the
Tonomy Blockhain

A decentralized, blazing-fast, modular & truly democratically governed EVM-compatible Blockchain network with a Self-Sovereign-Identity layer designed for sharing W3C VCs (Private data) combined with a set of out-of-the-box applications & tools for projects building on the network.

Scale & be Compliant

True Democracy

EVM-Compatible & Out-of-the-Box tools

Share Verifiable Credentials, eiDAS QES & selectively disclose information to different parties. Comply with MiCA & other digital asset regulations by making use of built in identity verification. Onboard billions of users with a Blockchain that scales with your business or government.

Everyone gets to propose Tonomy Improvement proposals but rather than weighing voting power by wealth or another metric, we give every identity verified member an equal vote on the future of the ecosystem.

Not only is Tonomy EVM compatible, but it also comes with some very useful tools & dApps for anyone to build on the Blockchain, without coding.

Why build on Tonomy?


TPS before


every day
for all ID verified users

0.5 Seconds




Out-of-the-Box Tools

Tonomy ID

Enables sign into any Tonomy or non-Tonomy app.

Tonomy Gov

True democratic ecosystem and team governance.

Tonomy Pay

Manage and organize payments for people, governance, and teams.

Tonomy DAO

Multi-party team identity and resource manager.

No-Code Builder

No-Code Dev Assistant with
Administration of infrastructure systems

More is coming...


ØNO is the utility coin of the Tonomy Blockchain network and is used to pay for various actions on the network such
as Identity verification, Pro accounts, DAO features and general Goods and Services and much more.

We are fully Open Source